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Auction buyer's journey and FAQs

Buyer FAQs


How do I register to bid?

To bid on an auction, you need to set up a Car & Classic account and add a payment card. Without valid payment details, you will not be able to bid. 

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Do I need to pay a fee to Car & Classic if I win an auction?

No. We don’t charge a buyer’s fee or have any other hidden extras, what you bid is what you pay. 


What happens if I win an auction and how does payment work?

If you are the highest bidder when the auction ends, you’ll be sent an email and a notification telling you that you’ve won to your Car & Classic profile.

A small non-refundable deposit is taken to secure the vehicle. This amount is deducted from the final balance. The non-refundable deposit is up to 6% of the final price or a minimum deposit amount - whichever is greatest. The minimum deposits are £600/€600 for cars, £420/€400 for bikes or £300/€300 for plates.

Your card will not be charged unless you win an auction. 

The remaining balance must be sent via bank transfer to a secure escrow account. 


Can I pay by card or PayPal?

No. All auctions must be paid by a secure bank transfer. To protect buyers and sellers, we use a secure escrow service.


How do I collect the car?

After the auction ends, and once you’ve paid, we will put you in touch with the seller to arrange collection of the car, either by yourself or via a courier, at a time that suits you both.


Can I find out the reserve of a vehicle?

No. If a vehicle is listed for auction with a reserve price this will be hidden from bidders. If a vehicle has no reserve, the listing will be advertised as selling with no reserve. However, the listing does let you know if the reserve is met or not.  


Reserves are confidentially set by the seller and can be lowered or removed at any time during an auction.


How do I find out more about a particular car?

If you have any questions about a vehicle that have not been answered in the listing, you can contact the Car & Classic auctions team by using the Contact Us button on the specific listing.


Can I see the vehicle in person? 

We encourage all bidders to research fully before committing to bid. If you are a registered bidder on Car & Classic and want to arrange to see a vehicle before placing a bid we can help arrange this when the seller is available.


What do you mean by “no sniping”?

“Sniping” is where a bidder waits until the auction is nearly over, then places a bid in the last couple of minutes. If anyone bids on a car listed on Car & Classic within the last two minutes it will be extended by 3 minutes. This is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to bid again if they have been outbid.


Why is there a pending amount on my card?

We take a pre-authorisation (usually £1) for each newly-registered bidder to ensure the registered payment card is valid. This is cancelled as soon as our checks are made - within a few days. 


How do maximum bids work?

Car & Classic offers an automated service to make bidding easier.

Instead of manually bidding during the auction, you simply tell us the maximum amount you are prepared to pay and bids will be taken automatically until they reach that amount. 

If your maximum bid is below the reserve price, then you’ll bid that amount if you’re the highest bidder.

If your maximum bid is above the reserve price and you are the highest bidder, we will only auto-bid for you up to the reserve price.

Once the auction reserve has been met, Car & Classic will make sure you’re the highest bidder by using bidding increments to keep you in the lead until you hit your maximum bid. If the next bidding increment would take you above your agreed maximum bid, we will bid to just below your maximum.


The bidding increments are: 

Bid Amount


£0 to £9,999


£10,000 to £49,999


£50,000 to £99,999





If you place a maximum bid and are outbid immediately, that means another bidder has placed a maximum bid higher than yours. You can bid again and we will use our automatic bid system to try and make you the highest bidder.


What happens if two people set the same maximum bid?

When there are two max bids of the same value, the one placed first remains the lead bidder.


Can anyone bid?

As long as you have registered and added a valid debit or credit card you can bid on a Car & Classic auction.


Can I trust the description?

Sellers are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the listings. Vehicle descriptions are written by our in-house editorial team or one of our trusted freelance writers who take the seller through a comprehensive list of questions to get as much information as possible. Every listing is subject to a full vehicle history data check. 


What protection do I have if the car is not as I had hoped?

All vehicles sold via auction are sold as seen. By bidding, you enter into a legal agreement to pay for the vehicle if you are the winner. When you collect your vehicle, if there’s a significant difference between the listing and the vehicle itself, Car & Classic will launch an investigation. Asking questions about the car before bidding, and arranging to see the car in person, can reassure you that the car is as described. 

Our secure escrow account offers the chance of a refund should the funds not be released, however, if funds are released, Car & Classic is not able to offer a refund.

All disputes are between buyer and seller. 


When do auctions end?

Auctions run from 5 to 7 days. A timer shows the length of time left on a particular auction. However, if a new bid is placed within two minutes of the auction end time, the clock is reset and another three minutes added to give the remaining bidders a chance to increase their bids. This mimics an in-person auction and prevents “snipers” - people who place last-minute bids.


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