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Verified Listing FAQs

How much will a Verified Listing cost?

It's free to list your vehicle, then you'll pay 5% of the sale price once your vehicle sells, or a minimum fee of £100, (€125 if you're selling in Euros), whichever is the greatest. All UK fees are plus VAT. EU fees are not subject to VAT.


When is the 5% fee deducted?

The fee is deducted before it goes into the secure third-party payment account (Escrow), so you won’t have to do anything. 


What happens when someone makes an offer on my listing?  

Buyers will make offers that you can accept or decline. Allowing buyers to make offers on your adverts increases interest and encourages them to buy. To take the hassle out of managing offers and dealing with buyers, we'll automatically decline offers that are less than 50% of your asking price so you'll only receive the best ones. This means that if someone makes an offer under your lowest price, their offer is declined without you needing to do anything. 


How do I take photos to add to my listing? 

Taking top-quality photos helps your listing stand out and gives buyers everything they need in order to buy. Verified Listings allow you to add up to 100 photos, so can give buyers an honest view and show any areas that need attention. It’s okay for your classic to have some patina - it’s earned it!


How do I get paid? 

If a buyer sends you an offer that you accept, they will be sent an email confirming their purchase. You will be given a notification when they’ve transferred the payment into our secure escrow account. The money is held in this account until the buyer has collected the car. Then we will release the payment to you and it is sent to your bank account via bank transfer. The length of time it takes the transaction to clear is dependent on the country your account is based. It will take up to 1 business day for UK to UK transactions and between 3-5 business days for UK to EU or EU to UK transactions. If your handover happens on a weekend, your bank will process the transaction on the next business day. 


What is Escrow?

Escrow is a secure payment system designed to protect buyers and sellers. Funds generated from a sale are held in our secure third-party system and are only released once the buyer confirms they’ve received the vehicle.


How do I know what to write about in the vehicle description?

The Verified Listing form is designed to help you capture all the relevant information you need about the interior, exterior etc, so you don’t need to be an expert writer. You’ll find a few tips about what to include too. The main thing is to include as much information as you can. Your vehicle has more chance of selling if the description is honest, accurate and includes the good, the bad and the rusty.


How many photos can I add to my listing? 

More photos lead to more engagement, so you can add up to 100 with Verified Listings. You can drag and drop images from your laptop, PC or mobile device straight into the Verified Listing form. The form is separated into sections such as ‘interior’, ‘exterior’, ‘mechanics’ etc.

Once you’ve completed each section, click the ‘next’ button and wait for your images to upload. It can take a minute, so please be patient.


What’s the difference between a ‘Verified Listing’ and a 'Free Listing’?

Verified Listings offer a variety of extra features you won’t find with a Free Listing. For example: 

  • Extra security Our secure payment system offers the safest way to buy and sell vehicles online. We ID check all Verified Listings sellers too, so buyers can be reassured they are who they say they are. 
  • Extra features Our guided listing form allows you to create accurate descriptions and you can add up to 100 photos for an even richer listing.
  • Extra control We know how frustrating and time-wasting low offers can be. We'll automatically decline offers that are less than 50% of your asking price so you'll only receive the best ones.


What does make an offer mean? 

Buyers can make an instant offer on Verified Listing vehicles. 


What if someone makes an offer on my vehicle and I don’t want to accept it?

Buyers can make an instant offer on Verified Listing vehicles. We'll automatically decline the ones that are less than 50% of your asking price, so you'll only receive the best ones without having to haggle.


Who can I contact if I have a question about Verified Listings?

If you have any issues or questions, please contact and we’ll do our best to help. 


Can you help me with shipping?

We don’t get involved with shipping. Transportation of the vehicle is entirely down to the buyer. However, we can provide names of shipping organisations on request, but we can’t endorse them. 

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